About Us

Our principals focus on one project at a time. We often lead larger teams drawing upon our network of short-term consultants. We bring focused, specialized expertise to each project. We add value and generate strong results.

Lindsey Carpenter Toomey, M.P.A.

Lindsey is an international health systems specialist with a back ground in hospital administration and primary health care systems development in developing countries. She works with Ministries of Health, donors, governments and agencies, NGOs, health care workers and their communities, to assess
healthcare needs, articulate goals, develop strategic plans, manage projects and support collaborative efforts to improve the health status of those in resource poor settings.

Following South Africa’s first democratic elections, Lindsey worked with the provincial minister for health to set up the ANC’s first health department. The design, implementation and management of health care delivery systems and strategies that increase access to affordable, effective health care services for the underserved, is her particular focus.

David Toomey, Ph.D.

David is an economist who has pioneered value-chain linkages, especially for small enterprises, to gain access to new markets and gain the necessary business skills for successful global competitiveness. He leads national SME and trade policy formation; market analyses in agriculture and manufacturing to gain
competitive advantage; market capture planning; and structures private-public partnerships.

To increase the effectiveness of development programs in all sectors, David founded the Makana Value for Money Index® which measures up to sixteen indicators of development project economy, efficiency and effectiveness. It provides a systematic assessment of factors that contribute to effective
development aid, and identifies areas of high impact and areas requiring improvement.

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